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At Aloha, we believe in a straight-forward, simplified approach to pool construction. We begin our pool construction projects with a client consultation. Our in-house design team designs a custom pool for your space, according to your desires and budget. No two pools are alike. Our goal is to have your pool be a reflection of your individual style. We accomplish this in liner pool construction by offering a wide range of shapes, sizes and finish products. Because we are a commercially licensed pool contractor, we complete residential pool installation at the higher, commercial grade at no additional cost to you.


We want to build you a custom swimming pool that reflects your own personal style. Building a custom liner pool can be difficult because by definition a liner swimming pool is typically "cookie cutter". In order to help you express your individual style, we carry over 55 options for liner pool shapes and sizes, over 45 liner tile line patterns and over 25 liner floor patterns. Add the dozens of options you’ll find with decking and coping materials and individualized equipment, lighting and automation and you have literally thousands of potential results. This means that through Aloha you can enjoy an exceptionally custom feel for far less than you would pay for a gunite pool.

During the first step in your new liner pool installation we excavate the pool placement area with precision, ensuring no waste and no additional cost to you. We then set the pool walls, which are steel reenforced sections bolted together and attached to support frames. This is followed by pouring a concrete “collar” as a footer around these components.

Once the collar is set, we backfill the footer area and compact the soil to ensure a solid base that won’t settle. Next, the water lines are run and pressure tested, the equipment (pumps, filters, heaters, salt-chlorine generators and automation) is installed and the final dirt-work completed. With equipment, you have the option to go as big or basic as you’d like. Aloha includes all necessary equipment in the original estimate. However, when speaking with your sales representative, they will give you all the options available.

During the next step in your liner pool installation, we use the highest-grade vermiculite to form the pool floor and deep-end walls. Our vermiculite is mixed in proprietary quantities of vermiculite (a soft, spongy material) and cement, ensuring a 2” thick base that is structurally sound while having enough give to safely cradle the pool liner. This work is done at a high-level finish so you won’t see large depressions in the floor.

Once vermiculite has been completed, we move on to the hardscape phase of the project. Where our competitors offer the same aluminum style coping as liner pools have had for over 30 years, Aloha offers upgrades to natural flush mounted coping stones, cantilever concrete decking or multiple affordable classic coping options which gives your pool the feel of a gunite pool at the cost of a liner pool. You have many options of coping and decking materials from aluminum, concrete, concrete pavers and all the way up to travertine pavers. We will help you to choose the material that fits both your needs and your budget.

During the final phase of your pool installation, Aloha will fit your pool with a custom created liner. Aloha only uses the thicker, 27 mil liners. Because we do not offer the typical 20 mil liners, we offer a free upgrade to 27 mil in a variety of liner patterns.

At Aloha, we don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics. Rather, we believe in helping you to understand all of your options before you make a final decision so that we can then create the pool you’ve been dreaming about in every aspect. And with our financing options, your dreams can become a reality far sooner than you may think with financing starting at only $598/month for liner pool construction!


Give us a call today at 803-231-9700 for a free estimate and see how close your dreams can be!

Hemolele means perfect. Perfection is our goal.

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