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Aloha specializes in the following pool repair areas:

  • Salt water conversions

  • Salt cell replacement

  • Salt cell cleaning

  • Filter conversion

  • Sand/Cartridge filter replacement

  • Sand/Cartridge filter refurbishment

  • Pump repair

  • Pump replacement

  • Heater installation

  • Heater repair

  • Heater replacement

  • Pool equipment automation upgrade

  • Pool automation repair

  • Pool automation replacement

  • Timer installation

  • Timer repair

  • Timer replacement

  • Pool light upgrades

  • Pool light repair

  • Pool light replacement

  • Pool inspections

  • Leak detection

  • And many more!



Proprietary silica media
20+ years

  Fresh sand
  3+ yrs

Black bacteria

Fully cleaned

Algae in sand bed

Broken lateral



Even the best of pool construction requires a pool repair from time to time.

Some of the most common pool repair issues that Aloha routinely addresses are:


Salt cells / salt conversions – A salt conversion is when you convert your pool from a chlorine only solution to a salt-based solution. Any pool can be converted from chlorine to salt in about an hour or two. Salt cells have become the gold standard in the pool industry for consistent chemical distribution and low-maintenance pools. This consistency comes from the uniform output of chloride ions from the salt cell, resulting in less variability in chemical distribution into the pool. Additionally, the sodium from the salt actually softens the water, allowing for far less skin irritation and drying out after swimming. If you own a liner pool, the sodium can also keep the liner more supple, extending its life expectancy.

Filter replacement / refurbishing – Aloha offers competitively priced filter refurbishing or replacement. In sand filter applications in South Carolina we recommend changing filtration media every 2-3 years. Over the life of the pool this can become costly and the porous nature of the sand itself allows algae to root and grow in a damp, dark and warm environment, costing you thousands of dollars a year on chemical that wouldn’t have been necessary with clean filtration media. For those seeking a longer-term solution, we also offer a proprietary filtration media that will last indefinitely in a residential application as a result of its non-porous components.

Pump repair / replacement – Pool pumps have an average life span of 3-5 years and are usually covered by a 1-2 year manufacturer’s warranty. Aloha offers competitively priced pump repair and replacement. If your pump is whining, running hot or has simply seized up, call us. Aloha also offers an upgrade to variable speed pumps, which may lower your electric bill.

Heater repair / replacement – Pool heaters are one of the most luxurious components in a pool. They can extend the swim season by 2-3 months per year depending on weather conditions or can provide year-round relaxation in a hot tub. Aloha can install, replace or repair your current heater in configurations allowing for use of electricity, natural gas or propane. If an electric pool heater is the best option, Aloha also offers a heater/chiller combo which can keep the water warmer in the off season and cooler in the dog days of July and August.

Pool automation / Timers / Upgrades – Aloha offers a wide variety of options for pool automation ranging from a simple mechanical timer to full scale pool automation with self-directing access to control pumps, valves, heaters, lights and more, even accessible by app if desired.

Pool light repair / replacement  Lighting can really define the energy of the pool area during parties and get-togethers or for those of us who prefer night swimming. We regularly handle requests to replace bulbs in incandescent light fixtures as well as repairing and replacing white and color-changing LED lights and upgrades from incandescent lights to LEDs.

Leak detection and repair – Aloha offers leak detection services at or below market rate. Leaks can be one of the most frustrating things in a swimming pool. If you have a leak, we can help. Leaks can cause water loss and soil erosion, eventually resulting in costly repairs such as deck releveling or replacement or worse. When caught early, the damaging effects can be mitigated for a fraction of the cost.

Pool inspections – Aloha provides pool inspections for new home buyers to help you know exactly what you’re getting into.


If your pool is in need of any pool repair, please give us a call today at 803-231-9700 for a free estimate!

Pahono means to mend or repair

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