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About Aloha


Aloha Pool Services has been in the swimming pool industry for over 20 years. We started in weekly maintenance and have grown and expanded our vision to include full gunite and liner pool builds. Over the course of time, we found that pools built correctly, with attention given to both design and functionality, are actually easier and less expensive to maintain and have a greater affect on resale and overall customer satisfaction. 

Aloha is dedicated to this level of integrity in each project. Each pool is custom designed in-house. We build to a higher standard than many of our competitors. Aloha is commercially licensed in the state of South Carolina but we concentrate mainly on residential projects. This means that our base-level pool build far exceeds the industry standard for both quality and construction grade. We consult with our clients in each step of the process and make recommendations on finishes based on the clients' end goals for the project. 

Because we are dedicated to a higher level of construction, cookie-cutter and quantity are not motivating factors for us. Instead of churning out hundreds of pools a year like some of our competitors, we contract with fewer clients in order to maintain our quality and design goals. This means our clients get a more personalized experience and a far better pool by choosing to work with us. And with our financing options, your dreams can become a reality far sooner than you may think!

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Columbia, SC

Charleston, SC

Fort Mill, SC

Tel: 803-231-9700

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