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Gunite Pool Construction

Aloha Pool Services is a commercially licensed South Carolina pool contractor. Although we are licensed to build commercial properties, we prefer to focus the majority of our business in the residential sector. We build residential pools at the higher, commercial standard, maintaining the highest quality of work while still pricing competitively in the residential market. This means that our base-level pool build far exceeds the industry standard in quality, construction and finish work grade.

Our goal as a custom pool builder is to combine the structure and functionality of our swimming pools with the artistry that is possible with a little forethought. Thus, our pool construction projects typically reflect the skills and technical knowledge that are necessary in quality pool installation along with the personalized feel of premium grade custom design work and a high-end resort ambiance where possible. We consult with you in each step of the process and make recommendations on finishes based on your end goals for the project. We are passionate about the art that is possible in the creation of swimming pools.


Aloha Pool Services has been in the swimming pool service industry for over 20 years. We started as a weekly pool cleaning service and have grown and expanded our vision from pool service to pool repair and pool remodeling to becoming a commercially licensed South Carolina pool builder, including services ranging from full pool installation of gunite and liner pool builds to replasters, liner replacements, general pool remodeling and pool repair. We also provide weekly pool service to our clients.


Over the course of time, we found that pools built correctly, with attention given to both design and functionality, are actually easier and less expensive to maintain and have a greater effect on resale and overall customer satisfaction. It became apparent that most pool construction companies didn’t pay attention to the long-term viability of the pool during the pool installation. As a result, we build in a manner that meets or exceeds pool installation code requirements and puts a heavy emphasis on future useability and functionality resulting in the lowest maintenance possible in the industry.


Aloha is constantly seeking to stay on the cutting-edge of the pool service industry. As a result, our pool installation, pool repair and pool remodeling projects include options that no other pool builder in the State currently offers. Each step in the pool construction project has been meticulously scrutinized by our team to ensure that the result exceeds functionality expectations of our clients. This includes our proprietary filtration media which can last a lifetime without needing replacement.


Because we are dedicated to a higher level of construction, cookie-cutter and quantity are not motivating factors for us. Instead of churning out hundreds of examples of the same pool per year, we have chosen to focus on the highest quality and design goals. This means our clients get a more personalized experience and a far superior pool by choosing to work with us.

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