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Couple Swimming before waterfall


Brads pool

Brad opted for a partial negative edge curvilinear pool design with a tanning ledge wrapped in a 2"x4" Silver Travertine veneer that allowed us to integrate the pool into the hill in his backyard. The center infinity edge became the focal point which is accented by the only blue found in the design - a 1"x2" Escapade Blue glass subway tile on the inside of the infinity edge and a tiny glass Cosmopolitan Freeport mosaic tile on the outer wall. The rest of the design was accomplished using a color palette of grey, white and charcoal.

The Blue Quartz plaster brings a calming feel to the pool itself which is surrounded by 6"x6" Yosemite Grey tiles under a custom cut formed concrete coping stone. The warm LED landscaping lights were integrated into the walls and steps creating a beautiful ambiance to the backyard and the pool area was finished using an understated brushed concrete. Multiple color-changing LEDs were used in the main pool and in the spillover, which also houses two color-changing LED lighted bubblers.

Gray's pool

Gray chose a rectangular pool with rectangular steps, which saved valuable square footage in the shallow end. He also opted for an off-pool tanning ledge and a 10'x10' spa with an 18" overflow.

We curated a beautiful 12"x24" Ivory Travertine coping stone and 24"x24" matching Ivory Travertine paver for the deck.

The Granito Azul del Mar 6"x6" ceramic tile used on the waterline tile was also used for the negative edge facing giving a very clean and distinct look to the spa while still allowing it to feel very much a part of the pool itself. 

The chosen plaster was Krystal Blue which gives a cool, calming feeling to such a large body of water. The pool and spa are both accented with the use of LED lighting, giving it a comfortable and inviting feel while entertaining or nightswimming.

Jason's Pool

Structurally, Jason's pool is a great example of what Aloha brings to the table. This project required full footers, building the entire pool above ground and backfilling outside the exterior wall and attaching to a pre-existing oyster-shell deck. In fact, the bottom of the spa was about 5' out of the ground when we poured!

This pool incorporates so many design elements. The outer edge is a true negative edge with a 30" drop after backfill, wrapped in a Myra Beige split-faced travertine veneer, which continues up and around 3 faces of the elevated spa.  The 12"x24" coping and 24"x24" decking are also in Myra Beige travertine. The decking was arranged in a diamond pattern and laid over the existing deck. The pool and spa waterline tile is a 1"x2" Essence Imperial glass tile which was also drawn up on the pool side face of the spa. The sheeting spillover from the spa was created using the same glass tile. The veneers and glass tile wrapping the spa were seamlessly joined at the edges of the pool side face. The Super Blue plaster was laid over the integrated tanning ledge and along the bases of the 3 vista stools, which were also capped by custom-cut, circular, matching travertine seats. We integrated 3 color-changing LED lights into the pool and another in the spa.

Maggie's Pool

Maggie wanted a smaller pool for their new family. She opted for a muted color tone with a color pallet of black, charcoal and grey.

She has an off-pool tanning ledge on the house-side of the pool and two deck jets directed into the deep end.

She decided on a dark, ebony plaster with a 6"x6" ceramic Himalayan Slate tile and a stamped and stained concrete cantilever coping and decking. The pool also has a color-changing LED which beautifully accentuates the color against the Ebony plaster at night.

Cory's Pool

Cory was able to make use of so many design elements in a pool that found the balance between refined and rustic.

With a color palette of grey and charcoal, we were able to create a beautiful, soothing space for their family to enjoy.

His tile of choice was a 6"x6" ceramic Himalayan Slate Multi which he combined with a Silver Travertine coping stone backed by a stamped and stained concrete deck and a camouflaged skimmer lid. Most people don't realize the deck isn't real wood but it will stand the test of time far better.

We went with a triangular step to save space in the shallow-end of the pool which was covered by a rare and beautiful French Grey plaster. The calming vibe is completed with a color-changing LED. This pool proves that when looking at color palettes, sometimes less is more.

Amy's Pool

Amy was such a pleasure to work with! She had all of the design elements in her head and we were able to create a beautiful pool for her.

Amy wanted to use a lot of natural elements and decided on an Ivory Travertine for her coping and decking materials. She chose a Blue Blend 1"x2" glass tile to give a good contrast at the tile line and a Super Blue plaster to bring all the finishing elements into balance.

Structurally, we integrated a tanning ledge off the shallow end with full-width steps into the rest of the pool. We also crafted an extended safety ledge for seating in the deep end and floating deck components in which were incorporated individual footers to ensure stability long-term and framed by a white, natural stone accent.

The look was completed with a white, incandescent light.

Ryan's Pool

Ryan's pool was an exercise in monochromatic elements with a color palette of black and white.

This was accomplished by using a Frost Travertine for the coping stones and deck, which are cut and fit seamlessly around the pre-existing deck. An off-white Veracruz Grigio ceramic tile was used for the tile line complimenting an Ebony pool plaster. Black lava rock was added as an accent on the deep-end side and a color-changing LED was used for lighting. The Ebony plaster allows for gorgeous reflections over the pool at sunset.

This pool's functionality is defined by the 8-foot depth, the semi-circular steps (easier for kids to navigate) and the tanning ledge. This pool's purpose is all about family. 

Deborah's Pool

Deborah was looking for a design that would work with the varying elevations of her backyard, a space for mom and dad and something that could provide endless hours of fun for their children. We were able to do this and more.

The raised bond beam with a hidden waterfall diving feature allowed us to accentuate the feature with a 4" thick natural stone capstone that reflects the color and beauty of the 2"x4" Scabos Splitface Travertine Veneers. The same colors are mirrored in the acid stained, stamped concrete deck and the Ivory Travertine coping stones. A rich Midnight Blue plaster wraps the pool walls and floor, the large tanning ledge and the safety ledge and cuddle cove area beneath the waterfall feature. A 2"x4" Subway Blue ceramic tile wraps the pool giving a unique transition between the veneers, the coping stones and the plaster. 

This pool also features 3 color-changing nicheless LEDs, two bubblers in the tanning ledge, 3 deck jets that arc over the raised bond beam and multiple under-coping warm LED landscape lights to light the raised walls after dark with a halo of light.

At Aloha, we believe in a straight-forward, simplified approach to pool construction. We begin pool construction projects by consulting with our clients. Our in-house design team designs a custom pool for your space, according to your desires and budget. No two pools are alike. Our goal is to have your pool be a reflection of your individual style while giving appropriate recommendations.

Because we are a commercially licensed pool contractor, we complete residential pool installation at the higher, commercial grade at no additional cost to you. This means that during your pool installation we excavate the pool placement area with precision, ensuring no waste and no additional cost to you. We then use thicker rebar than our competitors and tie the rebar closer together, ensuring a more durable, long lasting structural integrity. We then ground the rebar with thick copper wiring above industry standard, ensuring no electrical issues in case of the unforeseen.


During your pool’s construction, we use only the highest grade, 4000 psi shotcrete to form the pool shell. We only use shotcrete, rather than gunite. Shotcrete and gunite are the same chemical admixture. The difference is that gunite is sprayed dry and mixes with water at the nozzle during application. A variance of mix can result in “soft spots” where the mix doesn’t fully cure, resulting in weak walls and costly repairs down the road. Our shotcrete is mixed in the cement mixer on the way to the job site, allowing a full mix of the product’s consistency before application and ensuring the long-term integrity of the pool shell for many years to come.


Once the shotcrete has been applied, it requires a 28-day cure period to ensure the highest level of tensile strength and shearing capacity. While the shotcrete cures, our pool installation teams set the tile line using your preferred tile choice, finish the plumbing and equipment installation, including pressure testing the lines to ensure proper adhesion, and complete the coping and hardscape phases of the project.


As a custom pool builder, Aloha provides you with many options for equipment (pumps, filters, heaters, salt-chlorine generators and automation), you have the option to go as big or basic as you’d like. Aloha includes all necessary equipment in the original estimate. Most of the equipment Aloha includes at its base price is two to three grades better than our competitors. When speaking with your sales representative, they will give you all the options available.

At Aloha, we don’t believe in high-pressure sales tactics. Rather, we believe in helping you to understand all of your options before you make a final decision so that we can then create the pool you’ve been dreaming about in every aspect. This of course, includes options to make the pool more user friendly, accessible, automatic, and overall lower in maintenance requirements than any other pool in the market.


After the 28 days have elapsed for the shotcrete to fully cure, Aloha then applies the plaster as the final step to the completion of the pool installation project. The plaster Aloha uses is the highest grade available in the market and our teams are well trained and very capable. We will create a lasting, usable finish that will bring you joy for years to come. And with our financing options, your dreams can become a reality far sooner than you may think with financing starting at only $898/month for gunite pool construction!

Give us a call today at 803-231-9700 for a free estimate and see how close your dreams can be!

Hemolele means perfect. Perfection is our goal.

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