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New liner install

New vermiculite base


Acid Etch

Drained (green algae)

Pressure washed (red algae)

Fully Acid Etched

Pressure washed

Before and After (black algae)

Before and After (high calcium)


Acid Etched

Pressure washed



Acid Etched


Aloha specializes in the following pool remodeling areas:

  • Gunite replasters

  • Tile replacement

  • Gunite repair

  • Bond beam repair

  • Vinyl liner replacements

  • Vermiculite work (liner pools only)

  • Skimmer replacement

  • Main drain replacement

  • Concrete deck refurbishing

  • Concrete deck replacement

  • Concrete acid staining

  • Cool deck repair

  • Acid etching

  • Pressure washing

  • Wood deck refurbishing  

  • Wood deck replacement

  • Liner wall repair (steel or fiberglass)

  • Liner step repair

  • Liner step replacement

  • and more!

Even the best of pool construction requires a pool repair from time to time. Pools entering their third or fourth decade may need some more in-depth attention. 

Aloha Pool Services offers a wide range of pool remodeling services. Whether your pool’s issues are related to deferred maintenance or normal wear and tear, we can help you get it back under control. Many times it’s difficult to find companies with the expertise to understand and appropriately address major pool remodeling concerns as the companies with the appropriate skill set often move into concentrating solely on pool construction or pool installation.

Although we specialize in new pool construction, we know that our community still needs these services available at a high level of competence and at a competitive price. We are dedicated to serve in this capacity. We provide replasters, decking and liner replacements and all other pool remodeling needs.  Following is a list of the different pool remodeling work that we do with a brief overview of how we do what we do. 

Replasters – Aloha learned replastering under the tutelage of a true master who spent over 40 years in the industry. As a result, we employ techniques which have quickly been forgotten by the majority of pool remodeling companies. Many of our competitors are of a mindset that a replaster should be done quickly and deeper issues overlooked. At Aloha, we complete each replaster project in a simple, straightforward and time-tested manner. We empty the pool water and trace every square inch of the plaster surface searching for hollows. (A hollow is a point of separation between the plaster and the substrate, whether a previous layer of plaster or the original gunite.) These hollows can form either when the substrate is not properly bonded or as a result of water chemistry imbalance, typically an extended period of low calcium hardness in the pool water.

Once the hollows have all been removed, Aloha then performs an acid etch on the exposed surfaces to remove microscopic particulate and to ensure a dense, gritty surface for a full bond coat to bind with. The bond coat is an epoxy/cement mix that provides a tacky, gritty surface for the fresh plaster to bond to. We then apply the highest, commercial grade plaster to the pool in the color of your choice. If cared for properly, an Aloha replaster should last between 20 and 30 years.

Bond beam and gunite repair – Sometimes the mix in the application of gunite goes a little dry, resulting in gunite that doesn’t fully set. This can be seen in the gunite walls, floor or bond beam (the uppermost 8-12 inches of the pool walls which holds the pool together like a belt). Aloha will remove damaged or low quality gunite, bond appropriately to existing rebar or add rebar if necessary, and apply a new layer of gunite to ensure a full remedy to the issue.

Deck refurbishing and replacement – Aloha can also help with your concrete or wood decking needs. For new projects, we offer brushed, stamped or stamped and stained finishes. For work already completed, no matter the age of the concrete, Aloha can apply an acid-based stain to color the concrete to your individual taste. Wood decks need upkeep from time to time. Aloha is able to address and repair or replace your current wood deck with beautiful craftsmanship and finishing options.

Tile work – Aloha offers tile work for every type of pool tile available on the market. We have partnered with one of the largest manufacturers in the South East and can access literally thousands of options for your replacement tile.

Vinyl liner replacements – Aloha offers full-service vinyl liner replacements. We take precise measurements of each pool and create a custom designed pool liner with a 20-year manufacturer’s warranty. When we consult with you, we offer hundreds of liner pattern combinations for you to choose from to best reflect your style. The thickness of a pool liner is measured in a unit call a mil. Industry standard for a pool liner is a thickness of 20 mil. Due to its inherently better quality and longevity, Aloha only offers higher quality 27 mil liners as a free upgrade to you.

Vermiculite work – Vermiculite is a soft, supple substance used in the construction of liner pools for all faces under the steel walls. The danger in using cheaper vermiculite is that it can and frequently will wash away when water tables rise and dissipate during the colder months. Aloha only uses upgraded vermiculite which is comprised of a proprietary ratio of vermiculite and cement. This interesting mix allows for greater strength and stability while still providing for the cushioning of the liner itself.

Skimmer replacement – From time to time due to ground shift, skimmers can shear or the pipes connecting the skimmer to the equipment can be compromised. Aloha will quickly remove, replace and reseal the skimmer so you can keep your pool running smoothly.

Acid etching / pressure washing – For plaster pools, often times a pressure wash or acid etch can bring back the original color of the plaster and extend the times between replasters. These are usually needed when the pool has not been properly maintained. In this circumstance, the acid etch can also remove algae blooms rooted in the plaster.


If your pool is in need of pool remodeling, please give us a call today at 803-231-9700 for a free estimate!

Pahono means to mend or repair

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